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Round UV Lamp Matte Baby Pink

Round UV Lamp Matte Baby Pink

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The product is a portable designed LED nail lamp that can quickly cure UV nail glue/extension glue/LED nail glue, wherever you need it.

Product Description
Item type: Nail dryer/nail lamp
Color: Pink, White
Max power: 3W
Plug type: USB cable
Wavelength: 365 + 405nm
Size: 110.8*16.38mm
Power supply: DC 5V/0.5A
Battery capacity: 180mAh

Transparent outer box
Hand lamp head
USB charging cable
User manual

Instructions for use
A. Press the button for 20 second or hold the button for 2 seconds to switch to 60 seconds.
B. The red light is on during charging, and the blue light is on when fully charged.
C. This product can also be used while charging.

Ø Read the instructions carefully before using the lamp.
Ø Use the correct voltage to avoid damage.
Ø Do not allow liquid into the machine, as it may cause damage.
Ø Remember to turn off the timer button when not in use.
Ø Unplug the device when leaving.
Ø Do not use the nail lamp with a failed adapter.
Ø Do not leave the machine on for more than 300 minutes, as it may reduce the lifespan of the nail lamp.

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